METSTAR is a sulfonylurea herbicide that kills broadleaf weeds. It is a systemic post emergent selective herbicide to kill the broad leaf weeds.

Product Features:
1) GRIPPER provide effective control of broad leaf weeds.
2) GRIPPER is absorbed by root and foliage and translocated to growing tip of the weed plant.
3) GRIPPER has a long soil residual activity therefore no second flush of weeds.
4) GRIPPER is highly selective to crop.
5) GRIPPER is very safe to wheat crop.

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GRIPPER – Recommendations

Crop Application dose / acre Weed
 Wheat 8 g  Chenopodium album, Melilotus indica, Lathyrus aphaca, Anagallis arvensis, Vicia sativa, Convolvulus arvensis, Rumex spp.
Rice 8 g Cyperus rotundus, Spherchochlea spp., Fimbristylis sp. Eclipta alba.Caesulia auxillaris Ludwigia parviflora Marsilea quadrifoliata Cyperus rotundus.

Active ingredient

Metsulfuron Methyl


20 % WP


Not compatible with FOP group of herbicides.


Two years under normal storage conditions

Available packing

8 g

Mode of Action

METSTAR is systemic herbicide which absorbed through foliage and root and translocated to growing points.