SWARAJ is a broad spectrum selective herbicide used for the control of grasses and broad leaf weeds in wheat. It is a post emergent herbicide based from sulfonyl urea group of compound.

Product Features:
1) SWARAJ is a new generation broad spectrum herbicide.
2) SWARAJ can provide control of both Phalaris minor and some of broad leaf weeds in a single application.
3) SWARAJ as a double action. The uptake is through leaves and roots with rapid translocation both acropetally and basipetally.
4) SWARAJ can control the subsequent flushes ( 2nd and 3rd) of Phalaris.

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SWARAJ – Recommendations

Crop Application dose / acre Weed
 Wheat 13.5 g   Phalaris minor, Chenopodium sp. Melilotus alba, Medicago sp, Anagallis sp.

Active ingredient



75% WG


As post - emergence application. Not compatible with FOP group of herbicides.


Two years under normal storage conditions

Available packing

As post - emergence application.

Mode of Action

SWARAJ is a Acetolactate synthase(ALS) inhibitor,acting by inhibiting the biosynthesis of essential amino acids Valine and Isoleucine,hence stopping cell division and plant growth.